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Minimal Pair Practice and Quizzes, Tongue Twisters, * Phonetics Flash Animation Project - English Sounds [FRAME] (University of Iowa): Requires Flash

MINIMAL PAIR . In PHONETICS , a pair of words that differ in one PHONEME such as pin and bin /pɪn, bɪn/ or rich and wretch /rɪtʃ, rɛtʃ/. teaches British English pronunciation with minimal pairs , * Abbreviation for International Phonetic Alphabet ~ Voices are those of Nicola

An example for English consonants is the minimal pair of "pat" + "bat". In phonetics , this pair , like any other, differs in number of ways.

Write examples of minimal pairs on the board. If students have learned the IPA, it is a good idea to employ the phonetic transcriptions of the words on the

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