stainless steel knife blades


provision forge - gene martin - bladesmith, custom knife made by Gene Martin I typically use 5/32 or 3/16 stock for my stainless steel blades .

Stainless knife steel does have carbon, or it wouldn't be suitable for knives, Swedes seem to like harder edges, with stainless blades hardened to 58,

I'd recommend this treatment for any knife blade , not just plain carbon steel , but also better quality high carbon stainless . The cloth makes it convenient

Aller à Stainless steels ‎: H1 is a stainless steel which through a high nickel content cut with the VG- 10 knife for both plain edged blades to have

Stainless Steel Fishing Knife with 48 to 52HRC Blade Hardness, The Richy Group · 90 products | News/Research, China (mainland)

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