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Also, a child who has a cough with a cold or an asthma flare-up may throw up if You should not give your child (especially a baby or toddler ) OTC cough

Asthma - Signs and Treatment Is your child's cough hanging on longer than One sign of asthma in a child is a cough that goes on long after a cold is

29 Sep 2007 Yes, asthma in toddlers is a reality. A large number of children with If your child has asthma , he or she will harbor a constant cough

Aller à What could be causing my toddler's cough ? ‎: Children with asthma tend to cough a lot, too, especially at night. If your toddler has asthma

4 Mar 2007 Asthma in toddlers is characterized with a persistent, hacking cough that sounds as if the lungs are congested. In some, the cough could

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